Referral & Broker Program

We’re the Company that Cares about Brokers

When it comes to securing financing for your clients’ deals, it literally is a jungle out there. Many financial firms prey on independent brokers like yourself who are without the resources needed to finance transactions on their own. They’ll take your deals (as well as your clients) and then do whatever they can to exclude you from being involved with them, offering you only a small finder’s fee in return. Not us here at Greenwood Capital Advisors. We recognize the value that experienced brokers bring to our business, which is why we’re committed to helping you in any way that we can.

Your Ideal Referral Partner

First off, you have our promise that well remain transparent with both you and your clients throughout the financing process. That includes being upfront about all required fees for services, and by providing prompt payments to all parties involved upon closing. Our referral fees rank among the best in the business, and we allow you to continue to be the point person on your deals even while we’re working on financing behind the scenes. Our goal is to do more than simply help you and your clients this one time, but rather to establish a lifelong business relationship.

Benefits of Being on Our Team

If those benefits sound nice, imagine the advantages that come with working for us directly. We’re constantly searching for qualified professionals with your exact same skill set to add value to our team. When you work for us, you’ll continue to enjoy working autonomously, yet with the added support of one of the most respected names in the finance industry. As one of our brokers, you’ll enjoy access to:

  • Outstanding sales commissions designed to reflect all of the effort you put into your work
  • One of the largest networks of public and private lenders in the business
  • Many of the most renowned individuals currently working in commercial finance

Are you ready to achieve the type of success that you envisioned when you began your career as a finance broker? Such success is still possible with our help. At Greenwood Capital Advisors, we realize that our success is largely due to the efforts of you and your fellow brokers. Thus, we look to reward you in kind. Call today to learn more about the benefits available through our Referral and Broker program.