Small Business Loan

Let Us Set You Up with an SBA Loan

What small business couldn’t use a quick infusion of cash? If yours is like others that we here at Greenwood Capital Advisors have worked with in the past, then it certainly could. The cost of growing your business while also meeting your operating and overhead expenses is often enough to put such a strain on your resources that you quickly feel as though you’re sinking in an unending ocean of financial uncertainty. Fortunately, the federal government has thrown you a lifeline in the form of its SBA loan program.

The SBA Loan Program

The small business loans offered through the SBA program offer ideal solutions whether you’re looking to:

  • Purchase a new commercial property
  • Consolidate all of your business debt
  • Buy out or into an existing business
  • Outfit your company with new equipment

All you need to qualify for an SBA loan through either the 7(a) or 504 programs is to be beneath certain federally established thresholds regarding the size of your workforce and/or your annual revenue. If you do qualify, you can secure as much as $5 million at a market-competitive fixed rate over a 25-year loan term. Best of all, if and when you do achieve the success you’re hoping for, you can pay off your loan without the fear of facing prepayment penalties.

Why Work with Us?

We have the privilege of working with severally nationally renowned lending institutions who’ve been given the authority by the federal government to approve SBA loan applications. That means that we can get your request processed and approved faster than you may have ever thought to be possible.

It’s easy for small business owners like yourself to begin to feel all alone in their financial struggles. We at Greenwood Capital Solutions are here to tell you that you’re not. You’re also not with resources to turn to, either. Put your trust in our team of finance experts, and we’ll have the funds from your small business loan to you in no time at all. To learn more about the options available to you through this exciting financing program, just give us a call today.