Purchase Order financing

Getting You the Funds Needed to Fill Your Purchase Orders

In your company’s role as a supplier or distributor, you’ve likely seen that the greatest obstacle to your success typically isn’t finding clients, but rather finding the funds to fill those clients’ orders. Your purchase order represents more than just a simple agreement; it embodies your responsibility to deliver the right volume of products in whatever condition you promised on time. Yet it also represents something else: An opportunity to turn the promise of future funds paid on delivery into a financing tool that can help you in the here and now. Such are the advantages available through the Purchase Order Financing program that we at Greenwood Capital Advisors offer.

How Purchase Order Financing Works

The idea behind this program is simple:

  • Present your current purchase orders as financing collateral
  • Receive the funds needed to fill the order
  • Divert your normal procurement budget elsewhere to help grow your business
  • Repay your balance when your purchase order is settled

Through this program, we can help you pay for projects currently in production, or even for large foreign or domestic trade transactions.

Don’t ever worry about where the money to secure the supplies needed to fill your next order is going to come from ever again. Trust in us here at Greenwood Capital Advisors to turn your purchase orders into financing tools that will allow you to grow your business. To get started on enjoying the benefits this program has to offer, contact us today.