Healthcare Financing

The Financial Support Healthcare Providers Need

A career in patient care brings with it a plethora of emotional rewards. Unfortunately, significant financial concerns can often accompany them. Far too many health, dental, chiropractic or veterinary care providers obsess over the financial issues related to their careers to the point of allowing it to pull their attention away from caring for their patients. We at Greenwood Capital Solutions don’t want you to ever find yourself in that position, which is why we offer assistance through our Medical and Healthcare Financing program.

Outstanding Working Capital Loan Options

This program provides working capital loans for amounts of up to $75,000 based off of your application information only, and $250,000 with your full financials. These loans can be arranged for terms of up to 72 months at market-competitive rates. Plus, they’re not reported to any of the three major credit bureaus, allowing you to retain your borrowing capacity to be used elsewhere.

The funds made available through this program can be used for any number of purposes, including:

  • Paying off debts related to your education
  • Buying into an existing practice
  • Establishing or expanding your own clinic
  • Securing new medical equipment
  • Consolidating all of your debt

Through the support provided through our financing program, you’ll never have to worry about meeting your practice’s operational expenses ever again. That affords you the peace-of-mind needed to devote all of your efforts and attention to caring for your patients. Contact one of our commercial finance experts today to see how the loans offered through this program can best benefit you and your clinic.